Dog Walking & Dogsitting 


    We provide a safe and reliable service that is catered to your schedule. You can book in advance or the day of depending on availability. We specialize in dog walking, dogsitting and wedding day dog services. 


Dog Walk, Jog, or Playtime
Every dog is different and we know that. Customize your 30 minute session to fit your dogs needs. 

Whether it's a walk, jog, or backyard playtime. 

Short easy jogs with your dog up to 5k

1 dog only.

* Resident dogs only


New customers will be asked to set up a brief consultation. 


dog walking buffalo

4 Visits + 2 feedings: 

Breakfast Visit

Mid Day Walk

Dinner Visit 

Bed Time Visit 

            ** We can customize any visit




Wedding Day Dog Service
- Transportation to and from photos plus dogsitting until the following morning 
Stress free way to enjoy your special day!  
Hannah Bryerton Photography
 Additional Information: 


     Custom walks and rates are available


     No additional charge for holidays